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Tiny Tach Hour Meter Tachometer with max RPM and service recall

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1. No battery required-connects to spark plug wire
2. Works on any gasoline engine
3. Maximum RPMS 60000;Maximum hours 99999
4. Recall Max RPM
5. Resettable JOB timer
6. RPM type

8P1r=8 spark per revolution 6P1r=6 spark per revolution
4P1r=4 spark per revolution 3P1r=3 spark per revolution
2P1r=2 spark per revolution 1P1r=1 spark per revolution
1P2r=1 spark per 2 revolution

7. Completely waterproof:IP68
8.Maintenence Services

SVC = 5 to 50 hours SVC2 = 10 to 250 hours

Can be used on most engines from single cylinder lawn mowers up to V8 engines.

User adjustable spark setting from 1 spark to 8 sparks per revolution.




Tachometer hour meter is used for all gasoline Engine,Marine,Motorcycle,Snowmobile,ATV,Glider,Jet Ski,Lawn Mower,V8 engine.etc.


Model Number:ARBTACH01R
FunctionsTach/hour meter
Rec/Displays to:99999Hrs/60000RPMs
TemperatureStandard -30°C to +85°C
Case StyleSurface Mount
Battery Life5-years

Competitive advantage:

1. Inductive
2. Record RPM
3. No power required
4. User set 1, 2, 4, stroke engine
5. Waterproof,IP68
6. Long battery life
7. Multiple RPM type


arbtach01r arbtach01r2 arbtacho1r3tinytach2 water

tinytach 2


Product Code: ARBTACH01R

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